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We operate a commercial worm breeding unit at Westbrook to supply worms for vermicomposting. Vermicomposting is a process in which worms are used to eat through organic waste. The purpose of this is to significantly reduce the volume of organic waste that is put into landfills in the UK. The process can cut the volume of such waste by up to 80% and what is left over after the worms have finished, worm-castings, is an extremely effective fertiliser.

Worm beds ready for final construction - click for larger view Worm bed uncovered - click for larger view Worm bed being fed - click for larger view Harvested worms - click for larger view

Whilst the majority of the worms we breed are used for vermicomposting, we do sell worms directly to fishermen as well. (We welcome all orders from the very small to the very large and our prices are extremely competitive). The particular species of worm we breed apparently makes very good bait as the worms wriggle for longer than many other varieties - or so we are told!

A by-product of the worm breeding process at Westbrook is worm-worked peat. We sell this product for use by gardeners as it makes an extremely good medium for bedding or potting plants.

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